Very cheap eats

You might have to walk into the fast food trap due to budget restrictions, but there are local alternatives to MacDonald’s or KFC. However, these are almost everywhere. The most famous spot is Piata Romana in the centre of town, as you walk out of the metro you will see the two fat food restaurants in a heartbeat separated by Everest. A local fast food that serves a selection of sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and crepes. All three are cheap and honest in terms of taste alternative when travelling on a low budget.

Bucharest in the spring time..

Or, you could try the Spring Time (Piata Victoriei and Piata Universitatii) fast food and take your pick from as little as 1 EUR burgers or 2 EUR chicken sandwiches. If vegetarian there’s a big selection of salads available and likewise there are desserts of all kinds.

Supermarket shopping is cheapest

If you’re staying in private accommodation and you have a kitchen then the best thing to do is to buy the food directly from the supermarket and cook it yourself. Try Mega Image(Piata Victoriei) or Billa (Barbu Vacarescu) and be on the look out for cheese. If you do like cheese as there are a lot of Romanian sorts of cheese: salty, sweet, fat, less fat, spreadable, make sure you do try some of them.

You can enjoy very cheap lunch deals

Even though this is not legally in the very cheap section I have decided to include the following in this section. There are quite high standard restaurants and cafes that have very good lunch offers. So I think of this to be a bit of a treat amongst the cheap fast food type options.

First of all there’s Caru cu Bere a traditional very old Romanian restaurant from 1879 where they have all kinds of offers: for lunch, for students, and you might end up paying 5 EUR for a 2 course lunch. And do try the beer, it is quite a treat. The restaurant is situated in Lipscani (the Historical Centre) and you’ll find English information on their website.

Secondly there’s Galleron on 18A Nicolae Grigorescu very close to the centre, parallel to the main boulevard that crosses Piata Romana – Magheru Boulevard. You may serve a two course lunch and a glass of water for only 5 EUR. Not exactly a bargain, but a tasty meant to be spoiling you kind of lunch. If it’s a summer day you will enjoy the shade as much as you’ll enjoy your meal.

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